Thursday, July 13, 2006

Overheard at Chipperfield's ... part X ...

(Subtitle: What's in a name??)

"Um, Bonnie," Kriss' voice was sounding worried, "I was cruising the Web on my lunch break today and I noticed that Snickerdoodle is a registered trademark ..."

"So?" asked Bonnie, busily cutting and preparing a piece of cheese cake for a customer.

"Well, couldn't we get sued if we violate a trade mark?" asked Kriss.

"I suppose," answered Bonnie, working on another piece of cheesecake for the next customer in line (and who says the power of suggestion doesn't work in retail??), "but what's the issue?"

"Well, it's just that snickerdoodle is a registered trade mark, and we have a cookie called a snickerdoodle ..."

"So?" Bonnie put down the knife and looked at Kriss, clearly confused.

"Shouldn't we change the name of the cookie perhaps?" asked Kriss.

"To what?" asked Bonnie, returning her attention to the cheesecake.

"I don't know," answered Kriss, stretching out the last syllable, "we could call it comething like a Chipper-doodle!!"

"Hmm," replied Bonnie quietly, "Chipper-doodle ... it has nice ring to it, and it fits with the name of the store, and it has marketing potential."

"Chipper-doodle!!" chirped Kriss cheerily, "I like it ..."

She paused, then a big smile crossed her face, "We could even create a furry mascot and call him a Chipper-doodler, and he could march in next year's Fun Fest Parade, and we could hand out "Chipper-doodler colouring pages" for the kids, and we could get little plush Chipper-doodler figures made to sell ..."

"Kriss," Bonnie, halted Kriss in mid-stride, "Before you get too carried away, maybe you could help with the line up of customers here ..." Bonnie motioned to the line of customers that stretched across the counter ...

"Sure," answered Kriss cheerily, "no problem ..." Turning her attention to the first customer she asked, "Could I take your order?"

"A Chipper-doodle cookie with my coffee please," came the reply.

Bonnie and Kriss smiled ... "What's so funny asked Anna as she came up to the counter form the back room?"

"Oh nothing," commented Bonnie, "nothing at all."

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