Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Enjoying a GOOD Cup of Coffee ...

A long time ago I learned the value of a good cup of coffee ... there is much that goes into its creation, from the land of origin through to the serving it on a very distant table ...

The first step is the beans ... a good quality plant like the Arabica, will produce a good quality bean - which is the foundation on which everything else lies ...

Next comes the farmer ... I am unapologetic and unabashed in my commitment to Fair Trade, particularly when it comes to coffee ... ensuring the family growing the beans and harvesting them are paid fairly and justly for their efforts is VITAL ... how can it be a good cup of coffee if the family who carefully grew and tended the beans receive only pennies for their efforts ???

Then by choosing Fair Trade coffee (tea, sugar, chocolate and other items) we are offering a commitment to not ONLY the family growing the coffee, but to the WHOLE community around them, and even the region in which they live ... Foundations, loans, business initiatives and numerous other ways in which companies like Just Us, Level Ground, Kicking Horse Pass, Bean North and OTHER Fair Trade enterprises improve the living conditions in the country of origin ...Knowing that MY coffee helps the farmer, his family, and his community only adds to the GOODNESS of the beverage ...

AND finally, the last ingredient in a good cup of coffee is the setting and the company ... having a place like Chipperfield Coffee Company where you can claim a table and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a cluster of friends around the table is an extraordinary gift ... THAT is what coffee is supposed to be ... from the first green sprout pushing up through the soil in a distant field, through to the hot rich beverage shared over a table among friends - a GOOD CUP of Coffee is about making every aspect of coffee a positive thing ...

It kind of takes "good to the last drop" to a WHOLE new level ... and right now, Chipperfield Coffee Company is very proud to provide its customers, and the community of Minnedosa the opportunity to enjoy just such a cup of coffee each day with our Fair Trade selection - a rich and delicious variety of some of the BEST coffees from around the world !!!

Check them out - I guarantee you WON'T be disappointed !!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fair Trade Coffee - Good from the first to the last drop ...

"Why should I choose Fair Trade coffee?"

It's a simple question, to which there is a simple and a complex answer ...

The simple answer is - Fair Trade Coffee helps to make a difference in the lives of producers half a world away. The concept of Fair Trade means the producers are paid a FAIR price for their commodity, rather than the global market price, which is usually pennies on the pound ...

So, when you buy a Fair Trade coffee you are ensuring that the producer in the country of origin is recieving a premium price for his coffee (about 25 to 30% of the final purchase price DIRECTLY in to his hands. But more than that, when you purchase a Fair Trade Coffee, you are also ensuring a broad community and economic development for the region where the coffee originates.

Some coffees, such as Just Us' Breaking The Silence are the direct result of development projects in the country of origin, while others like Cafe San Miquel, reinvest their profits into education, business and other development opportunities in the communities that produce the coffee beans ...

If, by drinking a cup of coffee, you can help put a young women through University doesn't it make sense to use Fair Trade ALL the time??

Bonnie and Ross think so ... in their ongoing commitment to provide the customers of Chipperfield Coffee Company with the absolute best coffee available they have begun exploring the possiblities of Fair Trade for thier store ... as a result they have expanded the variety of available Fair Trade products in stock ... AND ... as they've joined Manitoba Fair Trade's One Month Challenge they have offered a Fair Trade selection on the daily menu for the last week and a half ...

With every cup, customers and staff at Chipperfield Coffee Company are making a difference in the lives of people in the far flung corners of the world ... how cool is that???

Come and join the revolution !!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As part of the ONE MONTH CHALLENGE, Chipperfield Coffee Company is pleased to introduce to customer a WIDE variety of Fair Trade Organic coffees and teas ... In addition to the four Level Ground selections that have been available, Chipperfields has introduced Cafe San Miquel, the Colombian Coffee that began the Level Ground success story. Available in both regular and decaf, it is a familiar coffee to folks in the Minnedosa area, and is a natural fit for the selection available in the Fair Trade Boutique being created by the management and staff of Chipperfield Coffee Company.

In addition to the selection of coffee and sugar from Level Ground, Chipperfields is also pleased to introduce a number of Fair Trade Organic coffees and tea from Just Us Coffee Roasters Cooperative based in Wolfville Nova Scotia. Throughout the OMC, patrons will be introduced to a number of FTO coffees from around the world including one called "Breaking the Silence" that brings a together fine coffee and a development project from rural Guatemalan in one cup !!!

Over and over, Fair Trade products offer us as consumers, the ability to connect with the world and make a positive impact on the lives of producers and their communities, while we enjoy a high quality product that is worth every drop ...

But most exciting is the new connection with a Coffee Roasting Company located just outside of Clandeboyne Manitoba.

Green Bean Coffee Imports is a small entrepeneurial enterprise working to introduce coffee drinkers in Manitoba to what can best be described as "Artisan quality coffee beans". Roasted in small batches, Green Bean provides a diverse selection of coffee custom roasted to order. Taking imported green coffee beans, owner operator Derryl Reid, roasts up small batches of coffee for his customers in the Winnipeg area.

Chipperfield Coffee Company is pleased to be the first distributor of this new Manitoba company outside of the immediate Winnipeg area ... by sharing this distinctive, high quality product with their customers, Chipperfields is offering something found few other places !!

If you haven't tried one of our Fair Trade Coffee varieties, consider sampling one of the daily menu selections throughout the One Month Challenge, and if you find something you like, pick up a package of beans to take home ... you will ensure a quality cup of coffee, both at home and while you are visiting the shop ... and you will help change the world ONE CUP OF COFFEE AT A TIME !!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Smile Says it ALL ...

Today the REAL Chipperfield's played host to a special gathering ...
J-- turned 75, and with his family and friends gathered around,
a time of laughter, visiting, refreshments and fun ensued.
The place was packed ...

... I think J--'s smile says it all:

Happy Birthday Buddy !!!
And may you have MANY, MANY more !!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

James Gordon and his music

While it is NOT James Gordon singing below - this IS a song that he wrote ... and on Friday the 22nd, James will be performing LIVE at Chipperfield Coffee Company at 7pm ... tickets are limited and are $15/each.

Consider coming out and enjoying a delightful evening of music by one of Canada's premier folk musicians ... for now, enjoy one of his beautiful musical creations the song Frobisher Bay, I don't know ANYTHING about this video - the camerawork is a bit shaky, but the voices are AMAZING - and the young woman doing the solo is incredible - enjoy !!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I couldn't have said it any better ...

It's one of those moments that could have been avoided if it had been dealt with differently ...

The sadness being felt is real ... and it is something that shouldn't have happened ...

Thankfully over at "Things I've Learned" Jaydee has shared her thoughts and said it so eloquently, all I can offer is a hearty "Here!! Here!!"

Monday, February 11, 2008


I/we hereby:

- Pledge that for 30 days starting February 14th, 2008:
- the only coffee I/we drink will be fair trade coffee.
- the only tea I/we drink will be fair trade tea.
- the only chocolate I/we eat will be fair trade chocolate.

I/we will shop fair trade for other types of products when these are available.

AND I will agree to complete seven short on-line surveys that will gather information on my/our participation in the One-Month Challenge.
To JOIN - click here - and follow the links !!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Wha'chya doin?

J-- was sitting at the table by the window enjoying his cup of Organic Manitoba tea, the infuser sitting by his right hand, still half full of the amber fluid. He glanced up as the door opened and The Rev strolled in. He smiled and nodded in greeting.

"Hey stranger," J-- said standing and offering his hand, "long time no see ..."

The two shook hands as The Rev laughed and began to remove his coat.

"Yeah," said The Rev hanging his coat alongside J--'s on one of the bar chairs by the front window, "It hasn't been THAT long ..."

"Got a day off?" asked J-- as he sat down at the table and folded up the newspaper.

"Yeah," said The Rev as he turned towards the counter, "something like that ..."

Returning a moment later with a large cup of Chipperfield's house blend in his hand he pulled out a chair and sat across the small table from J--.

"So, what does 'something like that' mean?" asked J--.

"Oh, I'm trying to stay up here one day a week to get paper work done," said The Rev, "so I'm not being disturbed."

J-- started laughing, "yeah like that isn't a complete recipe for disaster ..."

"Exactly," said The Rev, picking up his coffee and taking a sip, "my cell and my home phone has been ringing and I am getting a tonne of emails in my work AND personal server. I'm getting less work done than if I was in the office right now ..."

"Good time for a break," said J-- lifting the mug of tea in salute.

"Exactly," said The Rev, "when the going gets rough the best place to go is for coffee with an old friend."

"Hey," said J--, his smile morphing into a frown, "careful with that 'old friend' business," he glanced around the shoppe, "folks might get the wrong impression ..."

"You got a birthday coming up don't you?" asked The Rev.

"Yup," nodded J-- in agreement, "another week and I turn the big 7-5!!"

"Congratulations," said The Rev smiling, "you don't look a day over 74!!"

"Thanks," snickered J--.

The two men were laughing as Ross wandered up to the table, "Mind if I sit down?" he asked.

"No," said J--, "it's your store. You can sit anywhere you want."

"Well, almost anywhere," said The Rev.

"Yeah," agreed Ross sitting down at the table. He leaned back in the chair and turned to J--, "so, did he tell you about our awesome showing at the Trivia Night this weekend?"

"Come in last again?" asked J-- with a wink.

"Not this year," said Ross smugly. As he spoke The Rev reached into his black nylon briefcase and pulled out a small trophy.

"Check it out," said The Rev setting the trophy on the table in front of J--.

"Consolation prize?" asked J--.

"Nope," said Ross proudly, "FIRST PRIZE ALL THE WAY !!"

"Really?" said J-- as he picked the Trophy up and read the gold coloured plaque on the base, "That's great."

"Yup," said Ross, "the Chipperdoodles came in first."

"Impressive showing after last year," said J--, "that last place finish was hard to take for all of you ..."

The Rev and Ross both laughed and nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, but winning the trophy this year is sweet revenge," observed The Rev.

"So where are you gonna display this beauty?" asked J-- holding the trophy up in his hand.

"Up on the mantel," said Ross seriously, his hand motioning to the ledge above J--'s head.

"Along with full page ads in the Trib announcing our win," said The Rev with a smile.

"Talk about your sore winner," laughed J--.

"So a spinning, lighted display for the trophy would be a little too much?" said Ross looking confused.

The Rev and J-- looked at each other across the table and began to laugh, neither committing to an answer ...

(Just for interest's sake ... The REAL Chipperdoodles team won the recent Kinettes/Kinsmen Trivia night and DO have a lovely trophy that will soon be lurking around the REAL Chipperfield's somewhere - rest assured we've talked Ross out of the illuminated rotating display case play Queen's song "We ARE the Champions!"!! and the Chipperdoodles team was responsible for creating the trivia questions for the Basswood Hall Trivia night last week too ... thanks to the combined wisdom of the real-life Jaydee, Bonnie, Ross and The Rev!! We're just sorry that Jaydee wasn't part of the K/K Trivia night ... Maybe NEXT year !! But for now - she can share in our victory nonetheless !!!)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Scenes from the Guest Book

Not satisfied with a simple signature,
a recent visitor left a work of art,
and perhaps a statement on how much he enjoyed
his visit to the REAL Chipperfields ...
I hope they come back again ...