Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Guess this time it's official:

It's time to stop dreaming,
It's time to let go of the foolishness,
It's time to step away so the hurting can stop.
Thanks to those who've enjoyed stopping by,
thanks to Ross and Bonnie for everything,
But like all good things, somewhere they have to end,
and this is that place,
I have to stop denying that simple truth.
So - all I have left is:
OH, and to avoid confusion:
The REAL Chipperfields remains open as always,
Stop by if you're in town,
sit a spell, try their coffee,
say 'hi' to the staff ...
Enjoy yourself - it's a good place,
it's just not a place I will be anymore ...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fun Fest Parade - Chipperfields' Float...

They're OFF !!!
The Smiling Staff
giving a Queen-like Royal Wave !!!

More smiling Staff and Family !!
Smiling Faces under Chipperfield Hats !!

Fun Fest Parade Part Two ...

Having entirely too much fun !!

The Float out in front !!

Greeting the crowd waiting for the staff to return to work!!

What's up with the Driver??

He's having fun too I guess.

R & B waiting anxiously for the Float to arrive.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

To all Good things ???

This place, this blog started as a place of story. A place to play and have fun and share with others the joy of having a quiet corner of the world where friendships are affirmed and shared around the tables and chairs ... Chipperfield Coffee Company is a real place, filled with real people. It is a special place, that will forever hold a cherished place in my heart ...

But in recent days I've found that it is becoming increasingly hard for me to step foot in the door of the real Chipperfields, and to type stories of the fictional Chipperfields that lives here ...

In this place the two places intermingle ... in a small town that happens.

I've borrowed from the folks who populate the real Chipperfields to tell the stories I've shared here. By and large, the experience has been positive and many of revelled in the silliness that has been celebrated here ... but there are always exceptions ... those who can't make the leap from real to fiction ... those to whom the humour cuts too close to home and is anything but funny.

Moreover, recent events in my personal life have rendered even the simple act of picking up a to-go coffee challenging ... the malicious whispers of "he's NOT working ..." and other such things have taken their toll ... and other happenings in the real community surrounding the REAL Chipperfields have taken from me any sense of peace and tranquility when I set foot in the door ...

So, today I face a very real and very painful choice ... whether to continue this blog or not ... Right now my heart is heavy with many stresses, and the answer is - "NO, it ends here ..." and the delete button gets hit.

But I also know that in time these feelings pass ... So, before I do anything rash, I'm taking a hiatus ... a break ... a bit of a cyber-holiday ... The real Chipperfields continues to function on Main St N in Minnedosa serving the delicious coffee and tea and goodies they've always served ... but for now I will be absent from both the Cyber-Chipperfields as well as the real Chipperfields ... I will be by for the occassional take out coffee ... but by and large I am removing both the real and the cyber Chipperfields from my day to day routines ...

Neither decision is one I take lightly nor easily ... They both were important sanctuaries in my life, but right now I've once again I've run hard against something that has simply left me reeling ... today the sanctuary is gone and in its place is nothing but hurt ...

And so, for now I step away ... I might be back ... or I might not be ... I can't say for certain ... For the moment though - to all of you who have hung in here and been fans: thanks for everything ... It's been fun.

To those who have used this place for less than noble purposes ... I can't afford to spare the time or the energy right now ...

Either way - Adieu.

Friday, July 06, 2007

what follows is REAL - NOT fiction.
Tomorrow is the 2nd Anniversay of the REAL
Chipperfield Coffee Company,
and we wanted to mark it in some way,
but some of our readers seem to confuse
What follows is REAL ...
... or as real as it can be!!
The pins and flags represent places visitors
to Chipperfields' have come from over the last two years.
From Anchorage to Placentia Bay,
From Inuvik to El Salvador,
most of North America is represented.
Toss in some Aussies, some Kiwis, and
visitors from Hong Kong, Nigeria, Ireland,
Kenya, Sweden, Switzerland and Bermuda,
and you have a guest book filled with places
that span the globe.
There have been folks from almost every corner
of the world at Chipperfields since it opened.
Ross and Bonnie can be proud of
the little shop they've opened and run,
and the many happy memories it's created.
Happy Anniversary !!!
And may this be just the first of many !!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

EVERYbody Loves Chipperfields !!!!

Even wee Sophie
Chipperfields Coffee
on a summer day !!