Saturday, July 15, 2006

Having your cake and eating it too ... ... ... Carrot or Cheese?? ... ... ... ... Overheard at Chipperfield's ... part XI ...

One of the regulars stepped through to the doorway accompanied by his wife one evening.

"Good evening," offered Ross, as he looked up from the newspaper he was reading at the couches by the front door.

"Hey Ross," answered the regular, "nice night eh?"

"Yeah," replied Ross, "it's been a good day. I've been on the road for most of it, but I've enjoyed the sunshine and the scenery as I've done my calls."

"Good day for it," agreed the regular, "really good day for it."

Ross nodded in agreement, then asked, "Out for the evening?"

"Yup," replied the regular, "Had a lovely dinner at the Main Street Cafe, and now we want to have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake before we go home."

"Oh," said Ross, smiling, as he refolded the newspaper and stood up, "Carrot cake or cheese cake?"

"Hmmm, I'm not sure," said the regular, now turning his attention to the cooler behind the counter where the cheese cake rested.

"I'll have carrot," answered the regular's wife, "with a decaf coffee."

"Sure honey," replied the regular, as he stepped up to the counter, "and I think I'll have a slice of the Turtle Cheesecake with a cup of the medium roast coffee."

"For here?" asked Anna.

"Absolutely," replied the regular retrieving his wallet from his back pocket, "and throw a Chipper-doodle cookie on the plate too. Can't get enough of those Chipper-doodles."

"Enjoy your cake and coffee," said Ross as he stepped behind the counter to refill his coffee mug.

"Sure thing," said the regularly smiling, "what better way to end a dinner out then with a slice of cake and a coffee for dessert?"

"Hmmph," snorted his wife, "you said that about the slice of pie and coffee at Tracy's five minutes ago too!!" she patted her husband's belly for dramatic effect.

Ross laughed, "Talk about having your cake and eating it T-W-O !!!!"

The wife nodded in agreement.

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