Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blogs to cruise over your coffee ...

One of the exciting new developments at Chippefield Coffee Company has been the installation of a wireless router that allows customers to bring in their lap top and cruise the internet, get caught up on emails, or let them do work while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee right in the store ... For a modest cost, you can cruise the net while sipping your iced latte or refreshing flavoured cooler ...

So, in an ongoing attempt to help our loyal readers find places to visit on the web, we would offer some more blog sites worth a visit:

In previous posts (check out the archives on the side bar) we've listed some blog sites worth a visit or two, and today I would offer a site related to one of those we've already listed. The previous site FarmGirl Fare is a wonderful site with pictures, recipes and reflections on the life of a woman who gave up city life to live on a remote, rural farm (Can you hear the theme song for Green Acres playing???).

Farmgirl (Susan) has an offshoot of her first site where in she shares what is growing in her kitchen garden. The pictures are stunning, and her reflections are delightful. It's worth bookmarking - it's a fun and informative site:

Another fun site, that allows you to find your way throughout the universe that is Blogger, is The Bestest Blog of All Time. This Blog inventories, and highlights a HUGE variety of blogs - it's a good place to go if you just want to explore the Blog-universe and find out what kind of postings and stuff is out there. A warning though, some blog has pretty blunt and raw language and content - you run the risk of being offended by heading off into the Blogger-universe. Not all sites are family friendly, not all sites are clean and appropriate for all ages - so proceed with caution, and remember: We warned you !!! There are some wonderful and creative blogs out there - but once in awhile you may find something that is just plain yucky - just ignore them !!

And the last Blog I would offer for today is a blog by someone who may truly understand what this Blogger-universe is about ... I can't say enough about this site. It is informative and entertaining and my be the best site for commentary about life in the modern era.
Check it out:

Have fun ...

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