Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's been a YEAR already ????

Walking in the door of Chipperfield's I was startled to find myself confronted with posters announcing the 1st Anniversary of Chipperfield's !!

Could it be that Chipperfield's has been in business that long??
It hardly seems possible - yet, on July 7th the staff of Chipperfield's will mark one year in business in Minnedosa ... they took an old institution in town and with some work, sweat and dedication turned it into a wonderful business venture ...

For many years Chipperfield Store was THE place in Minnedosa to come and pick up clothes and other items. Eric and Jim, the two brothers who ran the place were institutions themselves. They served on a variety of board and community committees. They raised their families in town and helped to make Minnedosa into the town it is today. This is especially true of Jim who as mayor oversaw the waterworks that provides us with tap water in our homes, and who also envisioned the Tourist and town attraction the Beach would become ...

Historians debate whether great man create history, or history creates great men ... In Minnedosa, the legacy of many great men and women from the railroaders through to the likes of Jim Chipperfield reminds us that the towns we live and work and play in, are the creations of generations of folks who have worked hard to leave a legacy of family, friendship and community.

Today in Minnedosa, thanks to the renovation of an old store into a delightfully quirky coffee shop, we can enjoy the gathering of community that happens in Chipperfield's while we remember and celebrate the legacy of men and women like Jim Chipperfield, who have helped make Minnedosa what it is today ...

Happy Anniversary Bonnie and all your staff - you've done a good thing !!!

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