Monday, July 03, 2006

Tying one on ...

"Gee, didcha hear about that yahoo in Ottawa taking a leak on the War Memorial after the Canada Day Celebrations?" asked one of the regulars.

"Yup," replied another sitting at the next table, "there's a young person we can all be proud of!"

Both men snorted with derision ...

"Hey, did you notice the yellow ribbons up around town?" asked the first regular.

"Yeah," the second replied setting his coffee down in front of him, "The Trib invited everyone in town to tie one on in honour of Corporal Scott Collen who is heading off to Afghanistan with the 2nd Battalion of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry out of Shilo."

"Hmmm," answered the first regular, picking up last week's Tribune, "maybe Scott and some of the boys who have been in Afghanistan should go and teach that yahoo in Ottawa some respect for our fallen soldiers ..."

"Not a bad idea," replied the second, "But guys like Scott are too busy getting ready to head overseas to be bothered giving yahoos like that a tune up. Besides, it sounds like the esteemed members of the Royal Canadian Legion are up for THAT fight ..."

"And well, they should be," answered the first regular, "In the mean time - Have you tied a yellow ribbon on at your house??"


And to all those friends and family of Corporal Collen who tied a yellow ribbon all up and down Main St:

Thanks !!! And our thoughts and prayers with Scott and ALL our Soldiers overseas, especially the members of the 2nd Battalion of the PPCLI ! Stay Safe and Come Home soon !!

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