Monday, July 10, 2006

Overheard at Chipperfield's ... part IX ...

"Hey, how's it going?" Ross asked as he approached a group of regulars sitting in at the table nearest the couch.

They all said "Fine," "Okay," or some other affirmative response.

"I got a question for you," Ross glanced over his shoulder to see where Bonnie and the other staff were, "I need your opinions on something ..."

The four regulars all leaned in, eager to join in something smacking of cloak and dagger ...

"Well, last week after Countryfest, I had to go into the hospital for something ..." Ross glanced back over his shoulder again as he lowered his voice, "it wasn't anything serious, but I noticed when I got home that my wrist band was a little odd ..."

"Odd?" asked one of the regulars, "how so?"

The other three were clearly intrigued, they all nodded.

"Well," Ross was looking a bit distressed, "well, you better look for yourself ..."

With that Ross pulled up his sleeve and showed the four the bright pink plastic wrist band that bore the clearly printed word: "BANANAS !!"

"Are they trying to tell me something?" asked Ross, looking increasingly distressed.

The four all tried in vain to supress their giggles and laughter ... but suddenly they burst into uproarious laughter ...

"What so funny?" whispered Ross, as he then pleaded with them, "Keep it down ..."

Bonnie came across from the counter and laid a gentle hand on Ross' shoulder. "What's up?" she asked cheerfully, though she looked a tad concerned at the goings on involving her husband.

"Oh nothing honey," offered Ross, "the guys and I were just chatting ..." Ross glanced at his watch revealing the bright pink wrist band and the clearly printed words: "BANANAS !!" Ross tried to pull down his shirt sleeve, but it was too late ...

Bonnie reached out a hand and pulled the fabric back up and examined the words herself. The four regulars had fallen silent, watching - even anticipating Bonnie's response ...

"Ross," Bonnie sounded like she was talking to a child, "when you were up at the hospital did they ask you if you had any allergies?"

"Yes," answered Ross quietly.

"Did they ask you if you had any food you really didn't like?"

"Yes," answered Ross even more quietly.

"And what did you say?" asked Bonnie slowly turning the plastice wrist band in her fingers.

"Um," Ross paused before he answered, "Prunes and Bananas ..."

"Did you notice the OTHER side of the wrist band Ross?" Bonnie asked as she revealed the clearly printed words "PRUNES!!"

Ross shook his head sheepishly as Bonnie continued and turned the wrist band so that the word "BANANAS!!" was again visible, "Or did you just assume that the Hospital staff was merely stating the obvious??"

With that two things happened:
One, Bonnie turned and walked back to the back room, shaking her head as she went, and two, The four regulars burst into loud prolonged laughter ...

"Sometimes she calls 'em like she sees 'em, eh?" offered one of the regulars as he continued to laugh ...

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