Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Letters home from a travelling cap ...

(In the finest Monty Pythonesque fashion that we can muster:)

And now for something a little bit different:

Bonnie came out of the office with an envelope, "Does any one recognize the hand writing on this?" She asked her staff and the regulars gathered around a table.

Everyone had a good look, but no one could say who the envelope came from.

"Let's open it," said Kriss excitedly, "I like it when we get mysterious letters ..."

"Might as well," agreed J--.

Bonnie agreed and slit open the envelope and pulled out a letter carefully folded inside. She opened it and began reading it out loud;

"Dear Bonnie and Ross and Crew at Chipperfields: I'm having a fabulous time on my vacation. We left Minnedosa on Saturday morning and headed off down the Yellowhead Hwy. The last glimpse I had of "home" was when we stopped and bought some chipper-doodle cookies for the road ..."

Bonnie looked up with a puzzled look on her face, but gamely continued: "Our drive across Saskatchewan and Alberta was largely uneventful. We arrived in Edson late that night and watched a whooping thunderstorm roll in from the west. The sunset had been beautiful, and the thunderstorm was just awesome. The next morning we drove all the way through to a place called Langley just outside of Vancouver. The scenery through the mountains was just awesome. The mountains are beautiful, and we saw some wildlife. We didn't stop much, so I only got to look out the windows. But we stopped in a place called Ashcroft BC, where it was almost 44 DEGREES !!! It was hot sitting up on top of the guy's head ... but I did my job and kept the sun off his bald head ..."

The crowd around Bonnie snorted with laughter as Bonnie continued, "We drove on from there to Langley, and I got left in the car while everyone else went into eat supper. That was okay though, I wasn't really that hungry. The next day we spent most of the afternoon at a lovely swimming pool at a house near Langley, then we drove to the ferry docks to cross to Victoria. I got out of the car lots that day - it was hot, hot, hot ... and it was sunny. So every time buddy got out of the car, he put me on. I saw lots of cool stuff. I was a little afraid going across on the ferry though. It's a big boat, but it was really, really windy and the guy taking me on the trip has no hair to hold on to, so I was afraid I was going to blow overboard. But he kept me safe, and we got to Victoria safe and sound."

"Who the heck wrote this?" asked on Ross, listening in.

Bonnie continued, "We spent a day in Victoria visiting and sight seeing. Have you ever been?? It's a beautiful city. But the traffic is just crazy. Then we drove all the way "up island" (I'm not sure what that means) to a place called Port Hardy where we are going to stay for a couple of weeks or so ... It's nice here. There are eagles and a beach and lots of nice scenery. I think it will be fun. I'll write you more when I have more to tell you. For now, I'm happy on my holiday. Thanks for letting me go ... Yours truly, Chip the Chipperfield Cap ..."

"I know who really wrote that," said Joanie, as she returned to her duties behind the counter ...

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